03 July 2016

1/72 Hell's Angel Biker

Yesterday I was at a friend's house where there was a board game in progress. The game's based on the a series called "Sons of Anarchy".

What  interested me most about the game wasn't really the game itself -  it's the fact that there were actual biker figures that looked to me to be roughly about 1/72 scale !

At the time I didn't have anything to compare it with, but when I got home I took a picture of a German BMW.

Looks about right doesn't it ? The Son of Anarchy guy could be a passable 20mm biker.Superb for modern-day / post-apoc games.

There's also another standing generic "hoodlum" who might come in handy too.  I took a look on internet and rather than buying the game, apparently you can get expansion sets with just the figures, so that might just end up on my next birthday wish list :-)

28 June 2016

Falklands / Malvinas Argentinian Forces - Conversions in Plastic

I just updated the MiniatureZone website with some pictures of some figure conversions.

If you click on the photo below it will open in a new window and take you to the pictures on the Miniaturezone website

23 June 2016

Matchbox British Paras by Iván

Following on from the last post, just got some time to take a few decent shots of Iván's Matchbox British Falklands Paras.

If you click on the photo below it will open in a new window and take you to the pictures on the Miniaturezone website

19 June 2016

New additions to the stash

I've never been one to look a gift-horse in the mouth, so when my mate Iván said he was having a clear-out and that he had some modern stuff in 1/72 for me, well,.... I just couldn't say no.

A partially built Esci T-62 - very nice indeed. This MBT can be used by a variety of nations in a multitude of game scenarios.

A new unbuilt Trumpeter Zil 157 Fuel Truck -  will be a nice addition on the table for modern game scenarios we've got in preparation.

Two BTR-70 in resin. The box looks home-made and the parts look like resin copies of resin copies. God only knows where Iván got this, where it was actually made, or how it will go together. Resin kits are way down on my favourites list, but I'm game to give it a try and see how it goes.

And finally, (DRUMROLL) the icing on the cake - "UK Falklands" it says on the outside of the box !

I'll unbox these in another post, and they´re well worth waiting for - all very nicely painted up by Iván.

Cheers till the next time,


18 April 2016

Still working on plenty of stuff and always find a little bit of time every week to do some painting or kit building. Just need to find a bit more time to do more posting on the website.

If you click on the image below it will take you to the main website at www.MiniatureZone.co.uk


10 January 2016

17 October 2015

14 March 2015

Bolt Action in 1/72

My first game in what seems like an eternity and first post on the blog in 9 months - no, I wasn't pregnant ;-)

A 1/72 scale "what if" scenario on the outskirts of Arnhem WW2.

Bolt Action rulset, umpired by my mate Carlos and gamed yesterday afternoon with the fellas from the Brazo de Nelson wargame group.

I've never played these rules before but have sat and watched a game beforehand and after gaming this scenario I have to say I liked the simple mechanics and activation system. Also it was a huge help having Carlos who knows the rules well umpire for us.

The scenario is basically two farms bordering the central road at the end of the table where an isolated group of British paras were tasked with stopping German reinforcements trying to get to Arnhem.

Turned out to be quite a balanced game, the Germans managed (but only just) to get some units through, but at a fairly heavy cost with a great many casualties, while the British suffered very few but were unable to stop the reinforcements from getting through.

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