18 April 2016

Still working on plenty of stuff and always find a little bit of time every week to do some painting or kit building. Just need to find a bit more time to do more posting on the website.

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10 January 2016

17 October 2015

14 March 2015

Bolt Action in 1/72

My first game in what seems like an eternity and first post on the blog in 9 months - no, I wasn't pregnant ;-)

A 1/72 scale "what if" scenario on the outskirts of Arnhem WW2.

Bolt Action rulset, umpired by my mate Carlos and gamed yesterday afternoon with the fellas from the Brazo de Nelson wargame group.

I've never played these rules before but have sat and watched a game beforehand and after gaming this scenario I have to say I liked the simple mechanics and activation system. Also it was a huge help having Carlos who knows the rules well umpire for us.

The scenario is basically two farms bordering the central road at the end of the table where an isolated group of British paras were tasked with stopping German reinforcements trying to get to Arnhem.

Turned out to be quite a balanced game, the Germans managed (but only just) to get some units through, but at a fairly heavy cost with a great many casualties, while the British suffered very few but were unable to stop the reinforcements from getting through.

06 July 2014

Repaints - grey early war 1/72 & 1/76

These are for an early war campaign that our wargame group has been planning for some time.

All are repaints....

There's a good mix of manufacturers here, vehicles spanning over a decade. 

The Panzer 38(t) at the front is a recent model, a repainted and weathered Altaya 1/72, as is the Panzer II on the left just behind it (Altaya), both donated to the cause by my mate Carlos

The Pz 38(t) on the right is an old 1/72 UM model and the one at the back is a heavy 1/76 scale lead SHQ model, that were given to me by a friend, Iván about 12 years ago and have been lying in "storage" ever since. 

The Pz II on the left at the back is a Matchbox 1/76 kit, given to me by Iván back about the same time, which I gave to Carlos about 5 years ago.... and he gave it back to me a few months ago. And I should also add it's been repainted about 4 times now  

All very interesting stuff, right ? :-)

Happy modelling.


15 May 2014

Altaya 1/72 Flakpanzer Möbelwagen

Some pictures of a die-cast Altaya prepainted and RE-painted Flakpanzer, weathered, dusted and with some crew added.

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24 January 2014

Some progress on the Panzer IV re-hash

Managed to press on a little with the Panzer IV rebuilds. Still not quite finished yet but getting there.

The finished model just to the top-left of the re-hash above is a Corgi Die-Cast model I bought in a hobby shop in Brighton in the UK about 10 years ago (the shop was like an Aladdin's Cave, full of hundreds of old second-hand trains, toy cars and figures). My mate Carlos gave it a good going over to make it look rough and weathered.

Nearly finished now, the foliage has just been plonked on to see what the final effect should be like.

Hopefully these will be finished over the weekend together with  weathering those two die-cast Flakpanzer IV's  above.

14 January 2014

Upgrading a few old wrecks

A bit of work in progress. A few old wrecks on the workbench right now that have been hanging around that are being fixed up with home-made steel plate schürzen. Some more pics to follow as work progresses.

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